See beyond Organic

Organic and 100% Natural. We have chosen to exceed the requirements of the Organic Charter.

Zero Waste

We reuse everything, reusable glass bottles and glass refills.

Really Effective

Even after a day of workout, we guarantee zero odor.

Our Packages

Solo - 4 monthsSolo - 4 months

Solo - 4 months

Couple - 4 monthsCouple - 4 months

Couple - 4 months


Zero waste: the refill

• Reusable glass bottle

• Glass refills

• Free return of refills

• Same box for the return

• The old refill is reused

Effectiveness tested by professionals !

To put our deodorant to the test, we went looking for Professional Sportsmen like:

• Crossfit Coaches

• Pilates Teachers

And many more! Their testimonies are unanimous, effectiveness is there.

Beyond Organic

The organic charter requires at least 10% organic products out of the ingredients total, we want to go much further.

Our product contains 76% organic products, i.e. 7.6 times more organic than required by the cosmebio charter!

Two natural & unisex SCENTS:

Citrus and woody

A project born 3 years ago

Hello! We are Lucie and William, the founders of Les Enfants Sauvages.

Like you, we were looking for a deodorant that was good for your health, effective and zero waste. After a long search without finding, we decided to launch our own deodorant from scratch. Three years later, we are very happy to be able to share it with you!

We made the decision to live with the goal of taking care of our health withou compromising the environment. After looking for so long without finding the right one, we just decided to create the perfect one.