Soap Dish

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The soap dish, 100% Made in France and Vegan, to keep your cleansing product dry. Thanks to its metal wall mount and soap brush, your cleansing product will stay dry.

The brush is made from plant-based fibers of agave and either beech wood or stabilized burl wood to ensure a durable and high-quality product.
Orders containing a cleansing product or a soap dish will be shipped by November 2023.

This pack includes:

  • One soap dish brush (made of beech wood or stabilized burl wood)
  • One metal wall mount (black or white)


Frais de port 3€90, gratuit dès 20€ d'achat.

- Brush: Stabilized beech or burr wood with agave fiber bristles
- Metal Mount : Metal

Quality Commitments
- Vegan
- Made in France
- Water and humidity resistant

Usage tips :

Once you have used your cleanser, you can place it on the brush on the wall bracket* to allow the soap to dry. Thus, a small amount of cleansing care will remain on the brush over the days, which will allow you to exfoliate once or twice a week to use 100% of your cleansing care.

*The wall mount installs easily with a water and moisture resistant adhesive strip, eliminating the need for drilling.

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Solo 4 months

Solo 4 months

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Une fois que vous avez utilisé votre soin lavant, vous pouvez le placer sur la brosse sur le support mural pour permettre au savon de sécher. Ainsi, une petite quantité de soin lavant restera sur la brosse au fil des jours, ce qui vous permettra de faire des gommages une à deux fois par semaine pour utiliser 100% de votre soin lavant.

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