A committed and eco-responsible gift box that contributes to the depollution and preservation of the oceans.


A responsible and committed brand

"Above all Les Enfants Sauvages is an idealistic project. We wanted to create a product that suited our user requirements for organic and eco-responsible cosmetics." - William and Lucie, the founders of the project

Les Enfants Sauvages is a young committed French brand. Our wish is to bring a new wave of zero waste cosmetics that are pleasant to use, effective and healthy for your health. We are the first to offer a roll-on deodorant where nothing is thrown away, thanks to glass bottles and refills. We collect refills to clean and reuse. A good way to change your habits to take care of your health and the environment!

Our desire is to do zero waste without having to change everyone's habits. We are making efforts on their side to develop products similar to what we already use, but designed not to generate waste.

Identical in terms of use, but not in terms of composition! Our first product (the deodorant) required 2 years of research and development, to arrive at an Organic, 100% Natural, Vegan and Palm oil-free formula, but above all with real effectiveness. It was the will of William, the founder, who could not find an organic deodorant effective enough for him.

The head of R&D development tells you about it here:

Our small team of enthusiasts is based in Aix-en-Provence, this is where we develop and produce our Made in France cosmetics.


An eco-responsible and sustainable gift

The box you received is made of high quality recyclable and biodegradable paper, which uses cotton scraps. The print is made with water-based ink, so it is composable and produces no waste!

It consists of a deodorant and its refill. Simply transfer the refill into the deodorant bottle once it is empty!

Here is an explanation video:

But this box is not only eco-responsible, it is also committed: 10% of the profits from the sale of the box are donated to Wings Of The Ocean. This association aims to depollute and preserve the oceans, thanks to their actions of itinerant cleaning of the coasts by sailboat.

This gift box is a great opportunity to discover the organic deodorants of the Enfants Sauvages and to support the Wings Of The Ocean association.


Support a great project: Wings of the Ocean

Les Enfants Sauvages are proud to support the actions of an association such as Wings Of The Ocean! To whom we leave the floor:
We are a young French depollution association, founded in 2018. We intervene on the issue of the protection of the oceans and our waste collection operations take place on beaches and coastlines.

We carry out actions to raise awareness of plastic pollution issues and encourage by all means to move towards a zero-waste lifestyle. We encourage and support any action to avoid the consumption of plastic for individuals and businesses.

Depollution is a way of repairing the damage caused by man on its environment by attacking the consequences as much as the causes of the system of human pollution Picking up waste, raising public awareness of zero waste, guiding companies towards new techniques for preserving the environment, advocating for a fairer world for living things are all ways to clean up our environment upstream and downstream.

Two major axes

1) Coastal depollution

The consequences of the plastic that accumulates in the oceans and on the beaches are dramatic. We are facing a global crisis: Millions of tons of plastics are being dumped into the oceans every year .

Plastic pollution has a direct and deadly effect on wildlife: thousands of birds, sea turtles, seals and other marine mammals are killed each year after ingesting or becoming entangled in plastic . Plastic microfragments also pollute up to 88% of the surface of the oceans and directly affect the marine food chain.

To combat this pollution of the oceans by plastic we are committed to cleaning up the coasts, the coastlines and the seabed. We use several methods: manual collection of beaches , underwater collection by diving as well as any other means that we consider relevant.

2) Public awareness

In an approach to protect and preserve the environment, it is essential to alert and educate the public about the consequences of plastic pollution. For this, conferences and workshops are offered at the various ports of call.

We address various themes such as the impact of humans on the ocean, new techniques for responsible consumption and how to recycle everyday objects.

It is crucial to take the time to educate the public but also to explain current environmental issues to children in a fun way.

In concrete terms, we are committed to:

  • Collecting plastic and ghost nets on beaches and while diving on the coast;
  • Collect plastic at sea as much as possible;
  • Recycle the plastic collected in partnership with plastic recycling organizations (textile sector for example for recycling waste, etc.);
  • Raise awareness the public, by organizing tours of the boat, speaking engagements in schools, organizing conferences, participating in television shows and actively communicating on the Internet and social networks on the issues and consequences of plastic;
  • Carry out zero-waste workshops on board, in order to present solutions for reducing waste (during stopovers);

Happy New Year everyone!
The whole team of Les Enfants Sauvages